NGT Annual Report for the 2011-12 Financial Year Now Available

NGT Annual Report for the 2011-12 Financial Year Now Available

The NGT Annual Report (including the Director’s Report and Financial Statement) for the 2011-12 financial year can be downloaded from this link: NGT Annual Report for 2011-12 Financial Year – Approved for Public Release.

The report covers the period up to the end of June last year, meaning that a few things (including the number of staff and projects we are currently supporting) have changed quite a lot in the time since then.

The release of the report also provides me with a good opportunity to thank the large number of people, community groups and organisations across Victoria and SA who have supported or worked with Nature Glenelg Trust since we began in January 2011. We simply hope that what we are doing and (just as importantly) how we are going about it, have added something extra to the environmental management “landscape” in this part of the world we all care about.

With the opening of the community nursery site at the end of June (more details to come soon), the first of the wetland restoration sites on private land about to have their outlet drains regulated in time for this winter, and more biodiversity events planned for June, we have some exciting times ahead.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for NGT, please feel free to get in touch.

Mark Bachmann