NGT has turned 1!

NGT has turned 1!

Well that first year certainly went fast!

On Monday, January the 16th 2012 NGT was officially launched, and we have been working hard ever since to turn this new NGO into an organisation that really adds value to our region, and complements the great work that others are already doing. The way we are trying to do that is by helping to fill gaps and by using sound science to focus on getting things done on the ground (and to make sure we do them really well).

So, this is my chance to say a big thankyou to everyone who has worked with us or supported NGT (in whatever form) in this first year – we are very grateful! Needless to say, we will continue to do our very best for this region again over the coming year.

Our Logo – The Ancient Greenling Damselfly
(image courtesy of Bryan Haywood)

Mark Bachmann