NGT out and about in June: community events and photos from the field

Recently NGT hosted three different education events: a ‘Trees on Farms’ field day, a Glenthompson Shorebird Workshop and a nature education day with Daylesford Dharma School. It was wonderful to work with the individuals behind these events, whom had all heard of NGT and wanted to work together with us.

First up was the Trees on Farms Day. NGT’s Lachie Farrington was one of the presenters at the field day where he spoke of the ecosystem services that trees on farms provide.

The day was hosted by Dunkeld Pastoral Company at ”Blackwood”, and was organised by Melbourne Uni, Glenelg Hopkins Catchment Management Authority and local Landcare. Special thanks to Rachelle Meyer from Melbourne Uni who ran the day.

The next event was the Shorebird Conservation workshop on May 30th held in the Glenthompson Hall, followed by a visit to NGT’s Green Swamp Restoration Reserve in the Southern Grampians region to practice what we had learnt!

NGT’s Lachie Farrington and Ayesha Burdett were there to introduce NGT. We found some rather gruesome and unlucky (endangered) Growling Grass Frogs upside down on the gate post – a bird of prey had had a feast! Just as well there are plenty of growlers around this part of the world at the minute. This event was organised by Birdlife Australia, local Landcare & NGT. Special thanks to Jonathan Stevenson from Birdlife Australia who ran the workshop.

NGT’s Ayesha Burdett and Lisa McIntyre met students and teachers from Daylesford Dharma School at Merin Merin Swamp (north of Clunes in central Victoria).

This is a beautiful wetland, and the school is making regular visits here to run their Bush School Program. We helped them find a great diversity of very small critters. Special thanks to Gabrielle Magree, a teacher at Daylesford Dharma School, who organised the event.

Last but not least, here’s a few images from other NGT staff out and about:

Below: NGT’s Tom Sheehan undertaking fish surveys along the upper Wannon river.

Tessa Roberts