NGT out and about – Photos from the field in April

NGT’s Tassie team Bec and Justine have been out and about at Long Point, Tasmania doing some water level monitoring in the saltmarsh. They saw some beautiful regenerating samphires (Salicornia species) – aren’t the colours spectacular, and it sure looks muddy!

Meet Vicki, who is in her third year of study at Adelaide University and is undertaking an internship at the moment. Vicki has been helping Adelaide based NGT staff Ben and Tess with some work around Adelaide and beyond. Here’s Vicki in the SA Herbarium (top left and middle images), identifying plant samples from an Adelaide Parklands flora survey we did recently, and top right image – helping NGT’s Bryan, Andy, Ben and Tess install Elliott traps to survey fauna in Adelaide’s Victoria Park Wetlands. Bottom image – Tess and Vicki lay out and pin rolls of jute matting at Stipiturus Conservation Park near Mount Compass, south of Adelaide. The jute matting is being installed on recent drain infilling works help to protect bare soil from erosion and allow plants to establish.

Tessa Roberts