NGT Photos From the Field in August – from Mt Vandyke and Hutt Bay, to the NGT nursery

The NGT team had a second planting day at Mount Vandyke in early August, where added another 5000 poa grasses as part of our grassland restoration project at the site. This safe-haven (predator-proof) reserve adjacent Cobboboonee National Park (north-west of Portland in Victoria) will one day be home to threatened mammals. NGT’s Grassland restoration ecologist John Bradford has also been busy on site maintaining and preparing sections for grassland restoration, including burn-offs.

NGT Nursery Co-ordinator Angela Jones and volunteers have been busy at the NGT Community Nursery in Mount Gambier. We have regular volunteer Fridays – in the photos below volunteers have been getting plants ready for the NGT annual spring plant sale, and pricking out young seedlings to grow as next winter’s plants. Montgomery (the dog) isn’t very helpful with plants, but he is very good company and a good lap-warmer on cold winter days! Our volunteers are a brilliant, dedicated and talented group of individuals, and we could not do our work without them, so thank you volunteers!

And last but not least, Dr Ayesha Burdett captured a beautiful view of Hutt Bay Wetland Restoration Reserve following an NGT education session with TAFE SA students recently. This was her first visit to Hutt Bay since she joined NGT as a senior wetland ecologist earlier this year. In Ayesha’s words: ‘After our morning with the TAFE students, Lachie and I took a few minutes to explore Hutt Bay. It was great to see some of the restoration work that has been conducted over the past few years and learn about how the vegetation is responding.’

Tessa Roberts