NGT Volunteer Profile – Suzy Meyers

National Volunteer Week in 2024 is May 20-24. Over the past few months we have been featuring some of our wonderful volunteers in each month’s newsletter. This month is the third installment where we meet two volunteers: Suzy and Lynn. Here is Suzy Meyers, dog (and horse) lover, appreciator of unspoiled nature, and fantastic NGT nursery volunteer.

I am Suzy Myers. My enjoyments in life are my 2 dogs and my horse. I like un-destroyed country and its wildlife and plants. I enjoy fishing, arts, cooking & wines. After being told about Nature Glenelg Trust I started doing volunteering at the Nursery which I enjoy very much. I have met lovely friends who enjoy the replenishing of native plant life that we grow, lots of laughs and stories.

I have been volunteering at NGT for over 12 months and I am pleased to assist in replenishment of the native plant life at the Nursery. The plants then get taken to areas to aid in the regrowth of flora that should have remained on country, but has over decades been lost due to various practices. I am only a tiny cog in the big picture of what NGT does, but I hope my contribution goes a long way.

Suzy Meyers

As a non-profit organisation, volunteers are an integral part of the work we do at here at NGT. Our volunteers do vital conservation work, like sorting seeds and growing seedlings in the nursery, helping to restore degraded ecosystems through planting and weed control, assisting with surveys, and one is even a live-in caretaker on one of our reserves! Thank you to Suzy and all our volunteers, for all the hard work you do. It is invaluable to our organisation and truly appreciated!

Tessa Roberts