Only a week to go until echidnas take City Hall! Friday 29th August at 7pm

Only a week to go until echidnas take City Hall! Friday 29th August at 7pm

A short-beaked echidna (photo S.Bourne)

There’s only a week to go until the world’s foremost echidna expert Dr Peggy Rismiller arrives in Mt Gambier and we’re getting excited… It’s not every day that we manage to get a legend of Australian ecology coming to the Mount and for us nature-types, this is like AC/DC hitting town!

A great archival pic of Peggy with a KI echidna (photo P. Rismiller)

If you ever wanted to know more about these amazing little earthmovers, this is your chance to find out. Peggy has more than 20 years of experience researching all aspects of the echidna’s lifecycle and physiology from her base at the Pelican Lagoon Research Centre on Kangaroo Island. Peggy brings a wealth of knowledge on not only echidnas, but also other South East species such as Rosenberg’s goannas (also known as heath monitors) and tiger snakes, along with a message about the importance of protection and restoration of natural habitats.

So invite your friends, invite your neighbours, bring your Mum, bring the kids, but leave the dog (sorry), and join us at the City Hall, Mt Gambier on Friday the 29th at 7pm, as we see out the third-last evening of winter while hearing about one of nature’s most resourceful and fascinating creatures!

More details in the flyer below, and note that you can click ‘stop slideshow’ to stop the pictures from changing…

The Secret Life of Echidnas at City Hall, Mt Gambier



Jonathan Tuck