Orchid translocation success for the Metallic Sun-orchid at Desert Camp!

The orchid flowering season is well upon us and the following photograph is of the Metallic Sun-orchid or Thelymitra epipactoides which is a nationally threatened orchid species. This photograph was taken at the translocation site in Desert Camp recently by one of our valued volunteers (Rob Pauley). This species can be sporadic in its emergence and flowering but we are pleased to inform the community of how well they have been flowering at this site.

Metallic Sun-orchid at Desert Camp this springĀ (Photograph by Rob Pauley)

We thank Rob for providing these wonderful photographs and for taking the time to revisit the site and for taking an active interest in our projects and in this fabulous nationally listed species.

The orchid translocation project formed part of a large project Nature Glenelg Trust delivered for Natural Resources South East from 2014-18, with four species of orchid purpose grown and planted out at various sites (on private and public land in 2015). Refer to previous blog posts for a summary of this important past project.

Bryan Haywood