Photo of the Month: Our first post-restoration Brolga chick spotted at Walker Swamp!

Lachie recently checked the images on one of our wildlife cameras out at Walker Swamp, and came across this very exciting photo, taken back in November 2021. As you will see, it very clearly shows a couple of parents with their rapidly growing brolga chick!

This is probably the same Brolga pair that first attempted to breed at Walker Swamp in 2020, as the restored wetland refilled that year to capacity for the first time in decades. Given that their attempt failed in 2020, how fantastic to see a young Brolga here that is of a size very likely to make it to adulthood! In fact, we’ve continued seeing this trio since the photo was captured – including as recently as last week, so things are looking good for a successful recruitment of this bird to the adult population.

I am sure you will agree that this is what wetland restoration is all about!

A Brolga pair with chick spotted at Walker Swamp in November 2021.
Mark Bachmann