Portland Display Garden – a day in pictures…

Portland Display Garden – a day in pictures…

Over the past two years the Portland Community Garden Landcare Group, local volunteers and the NGT Cross-border Community Nursery Project have put in an amazing amount of thought and effort to landscape an area where they could establish a diverse native garden to share with the local community. ¬†This vision came to fruition on Sunday as the plants went into the ground! ¬†Click through the photos below to watch it transform –
The journey begins with an amazing landscaping job by the Landcare Group – on a super scale!

The site on 6th of February 2013 – before the mulch…

The garden following the application of mulch to suppress the weeds

Looking back down the hill towards the wetland and community garden

On Sunday morning we began to lay out the plants – over 1000 individuals waiting to go…

The edible garden waiting to be planted

Our wetland – before the planters arrived!

The wildflower layout starts to take shape

The hard work begins and it’s all action stations for the volunteers from the local community!

Preparing the beds

Digging one of the many the holes…

Starting with the Lotus – just a few to go!


Tucking in the daisies…

Checking it twice…

Hammering the guards


A hive of activity across the site

The wetland is coming together!

Looking across the open lookout area

Sunday evening 25 volunteers have done an amazing job – we can’t thank you enough for helping make this happen! Now it’s time to see how this garden grows…

A sea of tree guards up the wildflower hill

The lilies are tucked in!

All wetland plants in – just waiting for guards!


Cath Dickson