Propagation workshop held in Portland

Propagation workshop held in Portland

Over twenty native plant enthusiasts attended last week’s Propagation Workshop in Portland with Kevin Sparrow. During the workshop, which ran for about an hour, Kevin explained his usual method for growing healthy plants from cuttings. One tip that many participants found useful was the suggestion to use a large clear plastic tub as a mini portable greenhouse. Kevin did a great job of making the process accessible to everyone, including beginners.

Braving the cold to learn about propagation

After Kevin had explained the procedure, participants all had a chance to get hands on and practice the techniques. Cutting material provided included Native Hollyhock (Malva preissiana), Bower Spinach (Tetragonia implexicoma), various Correas, Pigface (Carpobrotus rossii), and Coast Bitter-bush (Adriana quadripartita) among others.

Taking a look at Banksia seeds

As well as taking home the cuttings they had potted up, attendees also had the opportunity to take home some Austral Trefoil (Lotus australis) seed to grow at home. The seed was collected on site, at the Portland Native Plant Display Garden by Community Nursery staff in January.

A chance to practice new skills

The Community Nursery runs four plant-related workshops per year. If you have any suggestions of things you would like to learn about at future workshops, please send them to or contact us via Facebook.

Rose Thompson