Recapping the results of the Walker Swamp active fundraising campaign…

It sure has been a busy few months, but the latest news is that the Walker Swamp fundraising tally currently sits at just under $94,000.  Coupled with the fact that our funding deficit on the land purchase cost has been reduced to the point where we can now guarantee the viability of Stage 2 of the project, I think we can now say that our active fundraising campaign has been a huge success!

and the live tally is…


Just to remind you, 80% of every dollar donated is helping us cover the immediate land purchase costs and the remaining 20% will be invested in the NGT Foundation, so literally every dollar raised is going to the cause. Growing the balance of the NGT Foundation is especially crucial for giving everyone who cares about our work the confidence that NGT will be able to look after our growing number of Reserves into the future.

In summary, the current tally means our Foundation will get a boost of almost $19,000 in the near future – and possibly more depending on any late donations that still arrive…

And in case you are wondering, it isn’t too late to donate.

Despite the end of the formal campaign period (which means I’ll hopefully clock up a few less kilometres this month!), we’re going to leave the fundraiser open to see just how close we can get to  the $150,000 target over the next few weeks.

Finally, to the 135 donors who have so far backed the vision of a restored Walker Swamp and Wannon River floodplain, thank you so much for helping us to get such an incredibly difficult concept off the ground. We simply couldn’t be doing this without you, and look forward to showing you around on Sunday the 23rd of September!


Mark Bachmann