Refecting on a great evening with Butterfly Conservation SA

Refecting on a great evening with Butterfly Conservation SA

On Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of meeting with a fantastic group of 25-30 people who came along to the Butterfly Conservation SA meeting at Clarence Park in Adelaide. Before I spoke about my own story of how I came to take an interest in working with wetlands, culminating with examples of the more recent wetland restoration work being undertaken by NGT, it was great to see some excellent close-up images of several interesting butterfly species presented by Roger Grund.

Roger Grund gives a short presentation, before my talk on wetland restoration. (photo: Mark Bachmann)

Thanks to the group for being so welcoming and such an engaging audience – asking great questions and providing wonderful conversation after the talk. Finally, being back in the Adelaide suburbs to give this talk, in a community hall not too far from where I grew up also created quite a sense of nostalgia for me – all in all, a fantastic evening!

I explained to the group that my research on the Swamp Antechinus (Antechinus minimus) first triggered my interest in wetlands back in 1999 (Photo: Mark Bachmann)

One of the few butterfly images I did manage to share with the audience! – a Swordgrass Brown Butterfly at Gooseneck Swamp (Photo: Mark Bachmann)

Mark Bachmann