Returning to the Great South West Walk

Last Thursday I caught the bus to Portland with Brendan (my eldest son), for us to pick up where we left off the Great South West Walk (GSWW) 18 months ago. If you don’t know about this spectacular 250km loop hike, then check this link:

Crossing the Surrey River

Having seen heathy woodlands, the Glenelg River, the Discovery Bay sandy coastline and the Capes in the 160km we hiked from home to Portland via the coast 18 months ago, it was now time to head back to Portland to hike into the fantastic forests of Cobboboonee National Park.

An old friend from my university days, Thai Te, came along for this leg of our journey, and gave us some great company, humour, and an extra person to deal into our now traditional card games of 500, which is one of the forms of entertainment we deemed “worthy of the weight” to carry along. On our last night in the forest while we sat by the fire, we heard powerful owl and yellow-bellied glider calls echoing through the forest.

Playing 500 at Fitzroy Camp

I mention this Easter experience here in the Nature Glenelg Trust blog because there is no better way to appreciate how special our natural environment is than to get out into it and experience it for yourself. So while the autumn weather holds out, what are you waiting for? It’s time to go bush and stay warm at night by the camp fire!

Tree in the forest struck by lightning during the storm on Friday evening
Mark Bachmann