Revegetation at Mt Burr Swamp complete for another year

Revegetation at Mt Burr Swamp complete for another year

This winter we’ve held several planting days at Mt Burr Swamp and with our supporters’ help have got 3000 seedlings in the ground at out main two-day planting event in early September. A number of areas around the main wetland were prepared for planting with weed spraying taking place in the weeks leading up to planting days to increase the seedlings chance of survival. Corflute tree guards were also placed around certain delicate and tasty species in our ongoing battle against herbivory.

On such a cold wet day we certainly didn’t expect to meet any scaled friends, but Jono had a close encounter with a Copperhead! The snake was uncovered from its underground den when Jono removed a shovel-full of dirt to prepare a hole for planting. Thankfully it was unharmed and simply reversed back underground. I don’t know who was more surprised: us or the snake! 

Planting was a real team effort between NGT staff and volunteers, including multiple school groups who helped out in August and September. Once again we had some windy and wet weather to deal with, but no hail this year!

Revegetation efforts are part of NGT’s long-term restoration of Mt Burr Swamp to habitat for native wildlife. Thank you to students and teachers from TAFE, Allendale East Area School, Tenison Woods College, Mt Burr Primary School, and Millicent High School, and all our other volunteers. 

The planting crew at Mt Burr Swamp on 3rd September. Spirits were high despite the rugged weather.

Rose Thompson