Rodwell Creek looking good!

Rodwell Creek looking good!

Alix and I headed out to Rodwell Creek earlier this week to check the conditions (water quality, pool depth) as part of regular water quality monitoring of the creek. The creek has received high rainfall over the winter and is looking fantastic! The creek is still flowing and the six pools where River Blackfish occur are all connected. The attached photo shows the main monitoring pool and the creek flowing.

Main monitoring pool

A planned annual fish survey later in the year will assess whether River Blackfish have taken advantage of the increased connectivity and dispersed to additional sections of the creek.

Let’s hope favourable conditions prevail in the creek over the critical summer period. Conditions were similar this time last year but deteriorated as the creek ceased to flow following an increase in temperature during spring. As such, we will regularly monitor the creek to enable real-time active management to protect this important habitat.

The 2012-13 monitoring will be assisted by funding from the Goolwa to Wellington LAP. For more information, see the Conservation of River Blackfish in Rodwell Creek page.






Nick Whiterod