SA Seasonal Herbaceous Wetlands Report

SA Seasonal Herbaceous Wetlands Report

The South East of South Australia and South West Victoria are home to an amazing variety of wetlands, including the newly listed critically endangered Seasonal Herbaceous Wetlands (Freshwater) of the Temperate Lowland Plains ecological community. In 2013, Nature Glenelg Trust refined the mapping and the ecological description of this ecological community in South Australia for Natural Resources – South East.

Seasonal Herbaceous Wetlands are highly diverse, beautiful wetlands, that often occur as seasonal ‘puddles’ in paddocks or within native vegetation.  For a more detailed description, check out our new Seasonal Herbaceous Wetland page by clicking here.

If you would like to find out more about these wetlands (focussing on South Australia), you can now access the NGT report “Survey and description of the Seasonal Herbaceous Wetlands (Freshwater) of the Temperate Lowland Plains in the South East of South Australia”  by clicking on the hyperlink.

Natural Resources South East currently have a program to care for these wetlands in South Australia and will be working again with NGT to assess more sites in late spring 2014.  If you think you might have one or more on your SA property and would like to know more about it, please contact Steve Clarke (Wetland Conservation Ecologist, Natural Resources South East) on 08 8735 1177 or email by clicking here

A Seasonal Herbaceous Wetland through Buloke Woodland on Gilgai soils

A carpet of Fairy Aprons in a Seasonal Herbaceous Wetland

Cath Dickson