School kids get busy planting… to restore corridors between our Native Forest Reserves

Students from three schools involved in ForestrySA’s biodiversity corridors program have been getting their hands dirty over the past few weeks, taking time out from the classroom to help re-establish habitat. ForestySA’s long running program aims to join up existing Native Forest Reserves with a network of biodiversity corridors, to help our wildlife move around the landscape safely.

This year Millicent High School and Newbery Park Primary School are continuing planting at Honan-Woolwash corridor in the Glencoe area, while Glenburnie Primary School are continuing work at Dry Creek-Honeysuckle corridor in the Caroline forest. The schools grow thousands of native seedlings in their nurseries each year, and have all been out for at least two planting days this term with some more scheduled for term 3.

Newbery Park students working hard at Honan-Woolwash corridor

Rose Thompson