Setting the scene in the search for the Eared Worm-lizard

Setting the scene in the search for the Eared Worm-lizard

Welcome to the search!

Here you can follow our progress in the search for the Eared Worm-lizard in the South East region, South Australia.

This reptile was previously believed to exclusively occur in the Victorian Mallee, however in recent years the species has also been found in the Reedy Creek Range, near Millicent. So, thanks to the support of Nature Foundation SA, we are now undertaking a more thorough investigation of this species’ distribution and preferred habitat type in the region.

In early August, we spent a week setting up 12 survey grids using roofing tiles along the Reedy Creek Range. The tiles act as a form of convenient “habitat”, with reptiles sheltering beneath them and using the warmth the tiles absorb on mild days to regulate their activity. At each site we put 50 tiles out and then from this week we will periodically check each tile to see what reptiles are underneath, what habitat they are found in and determine the best weather conditions for undertaking successful surveys. Thank you to the local landholders, ForestrySA and National Parks (DEWNR) for access to the survey sites and providing valuable assistance with setting up the grids!

Recording site information


Alix and Cath surveying an established grid and with a small skink (H.peronii)



Cath Dickson