Sharing the restoration plans for Square Waterhole Swamp (Hesperilla CP)

Well, it’s been quite a journey over the past 12 months in getting to know another important wetland on the Fleurieu Peninsula at Hesperilla CP (just south of Mt Compass), a small remnant portion of the originally much larger Square Waterhole Swamp.

The original extent of Square Waterhole Swamp (shaded blue), based on stitched 1880s survey diagrams. Present day Hesperilla CP is outlined red. This map shows how the original sandy bush track (shaded in yellow) skirted the swamp edge, before the new road constructed in the 1860s (dark blue dashed line with red shading), still in use today, crossed the bed of the western end of Square Waterhole Swamp. Thus began a long and complex journey of eco-hydrological change that has continued until today.

After digging through the history, talking to the locals, reviewing the maps and bashing through the dense swamp vegetation in the reserve, it became clear that this seemingly small and innocuous site has quite a story to tell.

Restoration Options for Hesperilla CP - Cover

Perhaps most importantly of all, the site also has significant eco-hydrological restoration potential, which means that (like nearby Glenshera Swamp in Stipiturus CP) there are a number of actions we can consider that should help enhance the remnant biodiversity values of the swamp.

To learn more, please feel free to download a copy of the final report here (NGT Restoration Options for Hesperilla CP – FINAL for website – 23-08-2017), or click on the cover image to the right.

Finally, a huge thanks to Nicola Barnes and the rest of the crew at Natural Resources SA MDB, Parks staff and the neighbours for being so accommodating while we’ve been working on this project.

Hopefully this initial options assessment will eventually lead to the commencement of trial on-ground works over the years ahead.

For enquiries, please contact Mark Bachmann or Ben Taylor at NGT.

PS – If you have worked with us on this project and would like a printed copy of the final report, please make contact we’ll get one to you.

Mark Bachmann