Softfoot gives helping hand to save little fish

With the assistance of private landholders, an endangered small bodied native fish species has been given a chance to rebuild populations numbers in the wild. Dams and wetlands on private property have been used to house and breed numbers of these fish to be released back into habitat areas with remnant populations.

Clancy from Softwood assisting with the release of Yarra Pygmy Perch into one of her property’s dams.

Softfoot is a privately owned family farm located on 500 acres in the picturesque Hindmarsh Valley, South Australia. The farm was originally dedicated to the breeding of World Class Alpacas; and now also provides a sanctuary and genetic ark for endangered Australian marsupials, and is running a large forestry project aimed at reducing their carbon footprint.

At Softfoot, Aquasave-NGT have a newly established breeding dam for Yarra Pygmy Perch (Nannoperca obscura), a fish that is currently in a fight against extinction in SA.

Clancy from Softfoot recently assisted Sylvia and Ruan with the release of 200 Yarra Pygmy Perch into  one of their dams.

Sylvia Zukowski