Some great Christmas holiday viewing on quolls and devils – but be quick!

A couple of years ago (back in Part 13 of our Forgotten Fauna series) I shared a link to a fantastic documentary on the Eastern Quoll, filmed in Tasmania by Simon Plowright.

Due to the ABC’s licensing arrangements for the program, the link didn’t remain active for very long at all, so I am aware that many of our newsletter subscribers missed out on seeing it. If you are one of those people, then I have some good news!

As well as the earlier Eastern Quoll documentary now being temporarily available again to see via ABC iview, Simon has returned now with an equally impressive documentary on the Tasmanian Devil, that I recommend you also take a look at over the Christmas break.

The chance to really get to know these amazing species of wildlife is well worth it, and make a nice accompaniment to our blog series on Forgotten Mainland Fauna.

However, be quick, because the quoll program expires on ABC iview on the 2nd of January, and no doubt the devil program will not be far behind!

The links to these programs are below:


Mark Bachmann