Stories of Murray cod

Stories of Murray cod

The large ambush predator Murray cod is an iconic freshwater fish species of the Murray-Darling Basin and was the focus of a couple of interesting features this week.

Firstly, a video by a recreational fisher captured a large Murray cod (over one metre) guarding its eggs (that white mass on the bottom of the river). This action is undertaken by the males but rarely captured on film (see the video here).

The second one is from my PhD supervisor, Paul Humphries from Charles Sturt University. He is currently seeking out information related to trophy Murray cod hanging on the walls  of pubs around the Murray-Darling Basin. The investigation by Paul, described as part cultural heritage, part environmental history and part biology, has identified over 80 pubs to date, but none in South Australia. If you can help out or would like more information on the project, go to here.



Nick Whiterod