Students learn about waterbugs at Mt Burr Swamp

An enthusiastic Year 3/4 class from Newbery Park Primary School, Millicent, recently ventured out to Mt Burr Swamp to learn about aquatic macroinvertebrates – also known as waterbugs!

It was the students’ first visit to the property and they gathered in the shearing shed to learn more about the place and why it is important in the landscape. We discussed the importance of wetlands and native vegetation, and the wildlife they support. With that background out of the way, it was time for the extra fun stuff! We headed down to the water’s edge to have a go at carefully collecting some swamp water into trays, and observing the life contained within.


Staff and students alike were fascinated by the diversity of bug life present, and at least ten different types were identified through close observation of physical attributes.

Back in the shearing shed once more, the students worked through a worksheet which had them thinking about the property and surrounding land-use, and what waterbugs can tell us about water quality.

Mt Burr Swamp will be a learning resource for students and the wider community into the future, with revegetation to begin later this year.

This activity forms part of the ForestrySA Schools Program.


Rose Thompson