Summing up a busy weekend out and about searching for the elusive Orange-bellied Parrot

Fourteen wonderful and eager volunteers helped out during the first OBP count weekend of 2018 in SW-Victoria. It was great to meet all the new volunteers and to catch up with returning project supporters. Despite the cold and wet weather, it turned out to be an excellent weekend.

A special thank you to our two youngest volunteers and Parrot-enthusiasts Audrey and Henry; Only 5 and 8 years old, but energetic and excited enough to spend a whole day out in the rain searching for an OBP and listening for that distinctive zeet, zeet, zeet

our youngest volunteers at work

Potential Orange-bellied and Blue-winged Parrot habitat

There will be two more official count weekends

  • 28/29 July 2018
  • 8/9 September 2018

Send me an email or call the office (08 8797 8596)  if you are interested in helping out on one of those dates. If you would prefer to go out and do some surveys on  your own at any other days, feel free to contact me and I can give you some extra information about how you can access one of the hot spots.

If you think you have sighted an OBP, please contact me or Birdlife Australia.

Finally, we still have limited places available for the OBP identification workshop in Koroit on the 30th of June. Please get in touch to register.

The OBP winter monitoring program in south west Victoria is undertaken by Nature Glenelg Trust in close partnership with BirdLife Australia and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. The program is funded by the Victorian Government Biodiversity On-ground Actions program.

Nicole Mojonnier