Summing up the first annual NGT workshop in Robe

Summing up the first annual NGT workshop in Robe

It has been a little while in the making, but we finally held the first annual 2-day workshop for our NGT staff and committee a couple of weeks ago in Robe.

Because we have staff based at a number of remote locations across the broad region where we are active in SA and Victoria, getting everyone together like this was a great way to share what everyone has been up with their projects and to talk about the bigger picture for NGT. For a small organisation trying to be super-efficient and make a big difference, having effective communication and being aware of how to work to each other’s strengths is also really important – so this was a focus for us too.

Thanks to our staff and committee for making the 2 day workshop a big success, with everyone agreeing that making this an annual event from now on will be a great step for NGT.

The First Annual NGT Staff and Committee Workshop Participants
(BACK: Richard, Lauren, Nick, Jonathan, Yvonne, Lachie, Adam, Craig;
FRONT: Jess, Bryan, Cath, Rose, Melissa, Mark)

Mark Bachmann