Talking about revegetation in the South East

Talking about revegetation in the South East

On Wednesday this week, Becky, Ken and I took part in a great day of discussion, information sharing and learning at Struan.

The information day was a chance for people involved in the revegetation sector in the South East to hear about what everyone is up to. This included a chance to talk about revegetation projects that are coming up, learn more about how the community nursery project will operate and to hear from Dan Duval and Matt Coulter about the latest in seed storage and propagation research from the Botanic Gardens in Adelaide.

A big thanks to the growers and seed collectors who attended for making their time available and being part of the discussion, and to Dan and Matt for coming down – their presentations were definitely the highlight of the day!

Dan Duval explains how he goes about collecting seed from South Australian indigenous flora, and details some of the seed germination trials being undertaken to “crack the code”, required to propagate these plants in the lab. A fascinating story!

Wednesday was also the end of a handover period for the project, with Ken now officially taking the reins from Becky. A huge thanks to Becky for getting the project up and running and for consulting widely to make sure that it is in heading in the right direction.

And fear not, Becky will still be around the place – co-ordinating the “Up Close” Biodiversity Events this autumn – so you’ll be hearing from her again very soon!

Mark Bachmann