Talking wetland restoration with SGAP in Warrnambool

Talking wetland restoration with SGAP in Warrnambool

A few weeks ago I has the chance to head across to meet with the Warrnambool Society for Growing Australian Plants (SGAP) Group, and was also joined by our local NGT staff member Lachlan Farrington.

The evening provided us with an opportunity to introduce NGT, touch on some of our current projects and give a more detailed overview of wetland restoration activities happening across the region. On this note, we’ll be providing some examples of our early works for wetland restoration on private land in the very near future – so keep an eye on future blog updates for more information.

Thanks to the group for making us feel so welcome, and a hearty congratulations to Kevin Sparrow for reaching the publication and launch stage for his revised and updated edition of Plants of the Great South West. Nature Glenelg Trust is proud to have been able to help support the new edition of this great regional flora guide.

Kevin Sparrow addresses the Warrnambool SGAP meeting prior to my presentation on the 24th May 2013

Mark Bachmann