Year 11 students do the ‘Goolwa cockle shuffle’ for science!

Have you ever done the ‘Goolwa cockle shuffle’?

Year 11 Conservation and Land Management students from Investigator College had the shuffle all sorted, after assisting Sylvia to gather, identify, tag and measure cockles at Goolwa Beach. Sylvia provided the students with a background to the ecology, management and conservation of Goolwa cockles and then the students had a great time testing two different cockle collection methods to determine whether there were differences in abundance and length structure between the methods. This was part of a larger Aquasave – NGT project focusing on improving the understanding of this important recreationally fished species.

The students undertook this field day as part of Goolwa-Wellington LAP’s Our Place project which is run by Jodie Sommerville (GWLAP).

Nick Whiterod