The Brady Swamp Restoration Trial Structure Is In Place!

The Brady Swamp Restoration Trial Structure Is In Place!


Thanks to the tremendous efforts of a group of 23 highly motivated community volunteers from around the region on Tuesday the 18th March 2014, the Brady Swamp Restoration Trial Structure is now in place.


The sandbagging crew in action!

The Brady Swamp Sandbaggers – proudly displaying a hard day’s work (L-R Standing: Doug, Caleb, Dan, Lachlan, Jonathan, Rod, Michael, Lachie, Callum, Peter and John. L-R Sitting: Roger, Cath, Ken, Ryan, Amanda, Glenys, Dale, Ken, Janeen and Gavin. Absent from photo: Diane, Mark [holding camera])

Brady Swamp is the neighbouring, much larger (500 hectare) downstream wetland from Gooseneck Swamp in the Wannon River floodplain (near Dunkeld), and like Gooseneck Swamp, Brady Swamp has been impacted by artificial drainage.

With the crucial support of local landowners (Parks Victoria, and private landowners – Doug, Roger, Todd, Vanne and Judy), the trial structure will enable NGT to evaluate the impact of reversing artificial drainage on Brady Swamp over the winter and spring of 2014. Along with the trial structure at Gooseneck Swamp, these temporary structures are providing valuable information that will make it possible to design and build a permanent restoration solution for these wetlands in the future.

Being March, we’ll probably have to wait a few months before the structure gets a workout, but when it does, we’ll make sure you are the first to know… so bring on the winter rains!

The NGT Brady Swamp Restoration Trial is supported by local private landowners, Parks Victoria, the Glenelg Hopkins CMA and the Hamilton Field Naturalists Club.

Finally, here is the story of the trial structure in pictures (click on images to enlarge):

The site in February – on a visit to finalise the design

The base of the structure in place, preparing for the sandbagging proper….


More progress….


Mark Bachmann