The changing face of Gooseneck Swamp – entering the big dry

The changing face of Gooseneck Swamp – entering the big dry

Despite being ready to celebrate the permanent restoration of Gooseneck and Brady Swamps after the completion of earthworks in autumn this year, nature has deciced to make us wait a little longer…

You see, as a result of a very dry winter and spring so far, the Wannon River hasn’t flowed this year in the vicinity of these swamps, so restored or not, the swamps are now looking very dry indeed.

For visual comparison, below are some images from a similar time over the past few years, starting with this year and at a similar time of year during the two years of operation of the restoration trial (in 2014 and 2013).

Needless to say, it is a tough year this year – but we have a lot to look forward to! Fingers crossed for a summer downpour or some decent winter rain in 2016…

October 2015 – Gooseneck Swamp looking parched after a year without inflows

October 2014 – Gooseneck Swamp with levels rapidly falling but still holding water during a year with limited winter inflows, followed by a very dry spring

November 2013 – Gooseneck Swamp still full during a year with late winter flows, that continued up to December due to excellent spring rains. This first year of the restoration trial showed us just what restoration can mean for the site.

Mark Bachmann