The Dusky Scurf-Pea – brightening up our Swamp Gum woodlands

The Dusky Scurf-Pea – brightening up our Swamp Gum woodlands

Hackett Hill and Honan Native Forest Reserves are a carpet of colour at the moment in the Swamp Gum grassy and herb rich woodland areas.  Native daisies of various species, Vanilla and Fringe lilies, Scurf Pea and native mints are blooming nicely at the moment. The Dusky Scurf Pea (Cullen microcephalum) (also known as Mountain Scurf Pea) is of particular interest as it currently only known to occur in three native forest reserves in SA. And until recently, when it was re-discovered by staff from the SA Herbarium, we thought it had gone extinct. Refer to this link for more information about the SA Herbarium project.

Dusky Scurf Pea (Cullen microcephalum) in full bloom

A host of rare and threatened plants occur in this woodland type and revegetation has commenced on creating more colonies of a few (refer to this previous blog)

Close up of a Dusky Scurf Pea flower

Notice the characteristic leaves

This project is supported by Nature Glenelg Trust, ForestrySA and Natural Resources South East, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Programme.

Bryan Haywood