The frogtastic Southern Bell Frog facility

Things are coming along in NGT’s nationally threatened Southern Bell Frog (aka Growling Grass Frog – Litoria raniformis) conservation facility at Clayton Bay!

We now have 35 frogs being carefully maintained by a band of committed volunteers supported by Rupert and Sylvia from NGT. Getting individuals in as tadpoles (late last year) as opposed to adults has allowed us to work through the logistics and challenges of setting up a facility, which represents the first of its kind for the species.

(Left) Some of the Southern Bell Frogs looking their best at the breeding facility in Clayton. (Right) Project partners talking about the next steps.

Over the coming months, we will be continuing to maintain the frogs as well as preparing them for the breeding season. If successful, we could have 100s (to 1000s) of tadpoles to release into the wild.

The facility is developing as a important community partnership. The privately funded (and supported by The Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species (FAME)) facility involves the support of local community groups (The Clayton Bay Nursery and Environment Group and the Clayton Bay Community Association) and volunteers. We hope that these partnerships continue to develop as the project continues.



Nick Whiterod