The tale of two freshwater crayfish

Join us for an informative session in Renmark, where you’ll hear hear from scientists (including NGT’s Aquasave aquatic ecology team) about how yabbies are responding to the current flooding and the future of Murray crayfish in South Australia.

We will hear from:

Professor Michael Geddes, who has passionately worked with yabbies and Murray Crayfish for over 40 years, will provide an interesting insight into freshwater yabbies and what makes them tick.

NGT’s Dr Nick Whiterod will talk about Murray crayfish research and management, and the future for the species in South Australia. This species is the second largest freshwater crayfish in the world! Read more about NGT’s Murray crayfish research or check out our other blog posts about this amazing species.

Details: Hotel Renmark, 7 – 9:00 pm

Catering will be served at 6:45 pm for a 7:00 pm start.

Capacity is limited so please register your interest by booking via eventbrite.

Key project partners: Aquasave-Nature Glenelg Trust, the Murraylands and Riverland Landscape Board and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO).

Tessa Roberts