Turtles, snakes and fish thrill year 5 students at Currency Creek

Students from Investigator College, Victor Harbor, were recently treated to a series of hands-on education sessions about turtles, snakes and fish at the Currency Creek EcoCentre. Students learnt about the adaptations of reptiles as part of their Term 1 Biological Sciences unit. During the excursion they studied local turtle species and fyke nets were set in the river to try to catch some local species for an up-close look. Students were able to get into the water with waders to check the nets and they caught two eastern long-necked turtles and a variety of native and introduced fish.

The year 5 students also took part in a session on snakes. Students were able to hold snakes and learn about the specific physical and behavioural adaptations of these creatures and were led through a snake bite first aid session. It was a wonderful day and students had a great time with Cory and Sylvia from NGT’s Aquasave team, and John and staff from Investigator College.

Sylvia Zukowski