Update on Long Swamp water levels near Nobles Rocks…

Update on Long Swamp water levels near Nobles Rocks…

After today I will be offline for a couple of weeks, but yesterday I did manage to pop down to check on levels at Nobles Rocks to update you on progress – and things are looking good!

The latest view of the structure – 26th May 2015

Levels continue to rise gradually upstream of the structure, and in the deepest corner of nearby Long Swamp. As a result of this area of deeper water being recreated, we are rapidly approaching a key stage of the trial, with water levels near the natural outflow point (close to where Eel Creek commences to potentially carry flows downstream) rising to 21.5 cm deep. Hopefully it won’t be long before we see a trickle downstream – the next couple of weeks will be very revealing…

DateLevel in channel at Phase 3 structureDeep point in swampSwamp level near outflow
31-Mar0 cm0 cm
6-Apr0 cm0 cm
8-Apr53 cm34 cm
9-Apr74 cm34 cm
12-Apr105 cm34 cm
16-Apr122 cm34 cm
20-Apr133 cm34 cm
23-Apr140 cm34 cm
24-Apr144 cm36 cm
27-Apr151 cm43.5 cm
28-Apr153 cm45.5 cm
30-Apr154.5 cm47 cm
3-May159 cm51.5 cm
9-May170 cm62.5 cm
13-May184 cm76.5 cm2.5 cm
14-May187 cm79.5 cm6 cm
17-May191.5 cm84 cm10.5 cm
19-May194.5 cm87 cm13.5 cm
26-May202.5 cm95 cm21.5 cm *

[* Estimated level, not confirmed yet.]

By the way, the latest update from the Bitterns in Rice Project, including news on Robbie, can be found here, plus you can see a ‘hot off the press’ media release from the Bitterns in Rice Project here: Bitterns-in-rice-project-Press-Release-May-26-2015. You will notice a mention of our efforts in Long Swamp which is a fantastic!

Mark Bachmann