The Warrnambool vertical garden gets a revamp!

The Warrnambool vertical garden gets a revamp!

In May 2014, NGT together with The F Project and Envirofit installed a vertical garden in Ozone Walk, Warrnambool, during the town’s Hidden Histories Laneway Festival. The garden is also one of eight native plant display gardens that NGT has installed around the focal region.

As all gardeners know, gardens don’t always ‘grow’ to plan, and an issue with the watering system resulted in many of the plants in the greenwall deteriorating or perishing in spring 2015.

Just before Christmas, with the watering issue now ironed out, NGT and Envirofit undertook a complete revamp of the the garden, pulling out dead plants and pruning old foliage, before replanting with approximately 100 new seedlings. As the garden had previously grown so well (see earlier blog post), it was decided that no change in the species present was required and the same species were planted as before (more info).

Judging by the countless positive comments from passersby on the day, the garden is an appreciated piece of art and natural beauty in the centre of town. This garden is now well on the way to its former glory, and despite the small setback, will be filling out again in no time.

Newly replanted vertical garden

Rose Thompson