Walker Swamp campaign update: we’re now over half way there, and the swamp is filling fast!

With a little under 3 weeks to go the count-down is on, so it’s time for another update on Walker Swamp. At the time of writing we’ve just passed the $80,000 mark – which is fantastic progress!

and the live tally is…


Made up of 96 donations, large and small, it is so humbling to see people chipping in what they can afford to help us secure the Stage 2 project area at Walker Swamp.

To paint the picture for you, we’ve had some kids chipping in their pocket money ($5), while at the other end of the spectrum, one very generous major donor has contributed $20,000 – with many different donation amounts in between.

But irrespective of the amount they have donated, every project supporter will be recognised by being named on the permanent signage to be installed at the bird observation tower and invited to our special on-site celebration next month on World Rivers Day (Sunday the 23rd September). With the wetland now starting to fill to its interim restored level, as shown below (filling up behind the low-level trial sandbag structure installed in 2014), it is shaping up to be a great event – and an excellent opportunity to join us for a BBQ, hear about the project in person, ask questions and also just to be on-site – to properly absorb the scale of this ambitious restoration project.

I am also happy to confirm (for those who have been asking) that even if we don’t make the full amount by the end of August (our active campaigning end date), we’ve now reached the stage where the project will definitely proceed regardless. Needless to say however, we’re very keen to try to not have to carry any debt on the land purchase cost (which will otherwise slow us down with future projects) – so this is where your donations will make such a huge difference. In short, we still definitely need your support!

With the count-down now on, please consider donating today. Any donation over $2 (which is tax-deductible) is all that it takes!

Walker Swamp and surrounds – March 2018

Walker Swamp and surrounds – July 2018

Walker Swamp and surrounds – early August 2018 and filling fast to its interim restored level (which is lower than the eventual level we will restore it to in 2019)…

Mark Bachmann