Walker Swamp has now refilled to its interim restored level, just in time to show you around next month…

Since the last update, the flows coming into Walker Swamp have very quickly refilled the wetland to its interim restored level, behind the trial structure that was installed by NGT back in 2014.

The Walker Swamp trial structure, spilling over to its interim maximum level in late August 2018, looking north towards the floodplain habitat in the background where the blue-gum coppice has been sprayed. Photo by Mark Bachmann.

In looking at this image, note the amount of water we’re already holding back and also the difference between natural surface and the current depth to the water level in the drain on the upstream side.  This is an indicator that we’re still a long way of full restoration, but we’ll be working on addressing that with on-ground works planned to address artificial drainage in autumn next year…

So, if you’d like to see the site up close, learn more about the project and join us for a free BBQ at our supporters event on Sunday the 23rd of September, then all you need to do to secure an invitation is to make a donation today!

By the way, in case you are wondering what the view is now looking like from the tower, below is the sequence showing how the view has changed. The final image was taken just a few days ago.

Just think what the view will look like when we fully restore the wetland and lift levels higher from next year!

Walker Swamp and surrounds – March 2018

Walker Swamp and surrounds – July 2018

Walker Swamp and surrounds – early August 2018

Walker Swamp and surrounds – late August 2018 and back to its interim restored level (which is lower than the eventual level we will restore it to)

Mark Bachmann