Wetland Restoration Program Information Sheet Released

Wetland Restoration Program Information Sheet Released

The early “word of mouth” response to the announcement of the wetland restoration program has been fantastic, with Lachlan and I getting around various parts of the region over recent weeks to meet with people interested in being involved.

A wetland we visited earlier this week in the South West that has been influenced by drainage

Given the rapid turn in the season (spring is definitely in the air), it has been a priority to visit sites while there is still water in the landscape – making the task of interpreting the impact of drainage that little bit easier.

This said, we realise other people out there may be interested but need some time to digest some extra information first. So we have put together a basic overview of the program, the NGT Wetland Restoration Project Info Sheet.

Remember you are welcome to contact us anytime (even over the summer when your wetlands are dry), as this is a rolling program that we will deliver over the next 5 years. Our aim is pretty simple too – we are hoping to involve as many wetland sites and landholders as we can in the program, learn from and build upon their local knowledge and transform some wetlands in the process!

We look forward to hearing from you… Lachlan’s number is 0401 208 717.


Overview of the Wetland Restoration Program Info Sheet

Mark Bachmann