Wetland Restoration Project Update

Wetland Restoration Project Update

Lots of behind-the-scenes things are happening with the Wetland Restoration Project – so it must be time for a quick update…

In addition to Lachlan and myself continuing to meet with and get to know landholders interested in participating in the program, Lachlan has been revisiting sites to undertake an initial assessment of wetland condition by looking at the native vegetation present. This will help us form a baseline understanding of the sites prior to restoration works commencing.

What we can tell you about the 15-20 sites visited so far, is that:

  • there is a good geographical spread of sites across the region
  • they vary in size and type
  • the vast majority are directly impacted by existing artificial drainage and will be significantly enhanced through the project
  • the people we are meeting with have a fantastic understanding of their properties, and we really appreciate the information they have been able to bring to our discussions to help us learn about their wetlands

Perhaps most exciting is the fact that a couple of landholders with substantial wetland areas are looking at integrating the concept of wetland restoration into their overall farm plans – which is a great approach proposed by the owners.

We hope to be able to bring you a couple of case studies, to be regularly updated on our website in 2013, that will demonstrate how we step through the process of wetland restoration – so watch this space!

A site visited under the program last week. This wetland is an excellent example of one that has continued to support critical wetland values, but is also being impacted by artificial drainage (reducing its permanence), with a channel cut through the bank (to the right of the photographer) and extending into the bed of the wetland.

Mark Bachmann