Wetland Restoration Technical Committee meets in Heywood

Wetland Restoration Technical Committee meets in Heywood

Today the Technical Committee being convened by Nature Glenelg Trust to help guide the science (including site prioritisation and monitoring of restored sites) for the cross-border Wetland Restoration Program on Private Land met for the first time in Heywood.

The group (of 12) is made up of a range of very experienced wetland specialists from organisations in SA and Victoria, including: DSE, Glenelg Hopkins CMA, Greening Australia, Trust for Nature, DEWNR, ForestrySA, ParksVic (an apology today) and Deakin University.

On behalf of NGT, thanks to these organisations and their staff for contributing their expertise to assist the project, and for Winda-Mara Aboriginal Corporation in Heywood for your hospitality in hosting us today.

With all the great conversation, I actually forgot to take a photo of the group for this post – so hopefully I will remember next time!

Mark Bachmann