Wetland Training in the Grampians region

Recently, NGT organised a two-day training session for ecologists working in wetlands in south west Victoria, presented by Doug Frood from Pathways Bushland and Environment.

Each participant is now certified in the use of the Index of Wetland Condition (IWC) assessment. The IWC assessment is one tool that wetland ecologists use to understand the current condition of wetlands. Collecting data using this standard method can assist us to manage Victoria’s wetlands.

Over the two days, we learned about plant identification, altered wetland processes and Ecological Vegetation Classes. We visited Walker’s Swamp, Green Swamp and another local wetland on private property to conduct assessments in the field so that we can now do independent assessments.

While everyone will receive a certificate at the end of our training, the greatest benefit to events like this is the opportunity to bring everyone together. In the informal conversations sprinkled in between the training, we learned about the interests and expertise of individuals and the projects that different organisations are currently working on. This opens the door for future collaborations and encourages information-sharing among us all.

An IWC assessment is one component of a site review when we visit sites for the Wetland Restoration Program. Through this program, NGT works with private landholders who are interested in restoring wetlands across the rural landscape.

For more information about the Wetland Restoration Program, please contact Ayesha Burdett, Senior Wetland Ecologist via email , or call 0429 021 500.

This training was supported in part with funding from the Glenelg Hopkins CMA Our Catchments, Our Communities program. Our Catchments, Our Communities is funded by the Victorian Government under the fifth tranche of the Environmental Contribution.
Ayesha Burdett