With your help we paid off Walker Swamp back in January, so what comes next for NGT?

Over the past two years, our end of financial year fundraising efforts were directed to paying off the land purchase debt on our Walker Swamp Restoration Reserve – which was a significant target for us. Thanks to your collective help over a period of 18 months, we finally reached that major fundraising milestone back in January.

Brolga (Antigone rubicunda) at Walker Swamp Restoration Reserve (Photo: Greg Kerr).

This year, we’re simply focussing on consolidating. As you would know, the number of NGT Reserves has grown considerably from our first in 2013 (at Eaglehawk Waterhole), and is now up to a total of seven in 2020.

As described in the final part of my article this month about the inner workings of NGT, we’re now really conscious of making sure that the NGT Foundation “catches up” to be able to sustain our impact in the long term, so we are well placed to look after, monitor, protect and manage these magnificent areas in perpetuity.

In case you are wondering how it works, all donations into the NGT Foundation are preserved, and – once the balance grows to a sufficient level – only the interest or investment earnings will be used to support and sustain NGT and our network of permanent reserves. For more information on the NGT Foundation, please click here.

For anyone who feels able to donate before the end of June, we’re simply asking that you consider making a contribution to our Foundation, in one of two ways (by hitting the button below):

  • either a single donation before the end of June, or
  • our new option of setting up a regular monthly donation, to spread out your contribution over the whole year.

All donations over $2 may be claimed as a deduction in your next tax return.

Finally, if you are considering a larger amount, you might like to consider creating a named fund to honour someone special. To learn more about named funds please read these stories:

Mount Burr Swamp Habitat Restoration Reserve.

Mark Bachmann