Your chance to come and say g’day at Walker Swamp this January

After a year of a constantly juggling things on all fronts within NGT, I’m personally looking forward to a bit of down-time over Christmas and New Year. But I have a confession to make – I do have one big regret this year!

After Walker Swamp quickly filled to capacity later than we expected (in October and November), and with constantly changing COVID restrictions hanging over pretty much everything of late, we have not been able to organise the type of formal community event at Walker Swamp that would have been a great way to mark the occasion of its first filling since restoration works were completed. Now that the place is looking amazing and is still close to full, as you can see in the photo below, this is a real shame!

So, as the saying goes, to kill two birds with the one stone, I have come up with a back-up plan…

I’d been thinking of camping out at Walker Swamp in the final few days of my time off (in mid-January) – to just experience and soak up the ambience of the place for a few days and take a moment to enjoy how far the restoration project has come. And then I thought to myself – well, why not make some time slots available when NGT supporters could pop by and say g’day in the great outdoors, pull up a chair for a chat and then maybe explore the place as well?

As I’m sure you can appreciate, while I am very happy to have some company, to keep numbers in check and maintain an informal and low-key atmosphere, we’ll have a simple booking system which will also allow us to readily meet COVID-safe requirements. Catching up informally like this with a few NGT friends will also be a really nice way to finish off my short break!

Needless to say, as a result of this format for catching up, places will be strictly limited.

To register your interest, please send an email to Toni in the NGT office and she will communicate with you about the finer details (like dates, available time slots, etc.).

(Please also note that for the first few days after this message goes out, we’ll prioritise bookings initially for people who have donated or volunteered their time towards the Walker Swamp project – to give these fantastic supporters a well-deserved first opportunity.)

I look forward to hopefully seeing a few of you out in the bush soon!

Peak inundation levels at Walker Swamp in November 2020. Levels will be down a little by January, but there will still be plenty of water around.
Photo: Mark Bachmann
Mark Bachmann