Youth, education and volunteering at Walker Swamp

Thanks to funding from the Victorian Government, Lisa, Ayesha, Greg, Lachie and Tom have been busy over the past three months introducing young people from around the region to values of Walker Swamp. The short term project had a focus on engaging youth aged between 12 and 26 in the environment by undertaking activities that are fun, educational and useful. The New Growth program is focused on youth volunteering and our project aimed to provide short, sharp opportunities for young people to engage in environmental activities that are not just educational but also proactively help the environment.

Our participants enjoyed a range of activities including bushwalking, bird watching, collecting water quality data, identifying flora and fauna and tree planting.

As you can see from the photos below activities were enthusiastically embraced by the 157 young people who participated in 8 events, from two higher education institutions and four schools.

We love to be able to provide the opportunity for the community to interact with our sites and learn about ecology and restoration wherever we can.

While funding for this project has come to an end, we do strive to provide a number of on-going and short term volunteering opportunities at our sites (for all ages) so please get in touch if you are interested in learning more.

This project was supported by funding from the Victorian Government’s New Growth program.

Melissa Herpich