Brolga flock numbers building at Green Swamp

When I started working with NGT late last year, I was hoping for a little more time in the bush and perhaps to see eventually a few brolgas. At that stage, I’d seen the occasional one on the plains, and on one special day saw a pair at Mirranatwa, near Dunkeld, which was a thrill. I’ve spent years watching out for them from the car, reminding my kids to watch for them while I was driving, and generally hoping I’d catch a glimpse of them or hear their (slightly mad sounding) honking call. I’d done a drive-by Green Swamp more than once on the promise of seeing a brolga.

Recently when my friend Sandy and I headed back to Green Swamp near Glenthompson recently my expectations were low. We had binoculars and cameras, and were happy to go for a drive on a lovely day regardless of the bird outcome. Bird-nerds among you will understand how thrilled we were to see not one or two – but 57 brolgas! I nearly couldn’t believe my eyes!

The large group, the sheer size of them, the performative dancing and watching them circle above us on the wing – it was just very special. Sandy took some photos, which I thought NGT supporters may enjoy.

There are no guarantees in nature, but we are certainly hoping to see some next weekend during our 10th Anniversary celebrations at Walker and Green Swamps. We’ll keep you posted!

Paula Thomson