Critically endangered bats benefit from local action

A Border Watch article (see below) has highlighted how a positive partnership between NGT and OneFortyOne Plantations is actively working towards restoring habitat of the Southern Bent-wing Bat (Miniopterus orianae bassanii) in the Mount Burr Swamp area. The recent discovery of Southern Bent-wing Bats at NGT’s Mount Burr Swamp reserve highlighted the importance of this restoration effort.

The Southern Bent-wing Bat (SBWB) is a critically endangered subspecies, which relies on caves and swamps scattered across south-east South Australia and south-west Victoria. It is on the “top 20” list of birds and mammals at risk of extinction, so mitigation of threats and increasing the amount, condition and connectivity of its habitat are vital. You can learn more about the list and regional actions for recovery of the bat in Rose’s post.

Further positive steps were made towards the recovery of the SBWB this week, with a meeting held over two days  in Naracoorte, aimed at forming a National Recovery Team and coordinated action for the subspecies. Key recovery actions discussed included targeted wetland restoration to provide a reliable food source for bats, and SBWB specific cave access protocols to help prevent the spread of fungal diseases like White-nosed Syndrome. NGT is excited about continued involvement with the National Recovery Team.

Southern Bent-wing Bat article – Border Watch 16th May 2019

Lauren Kivisalu