Native Plant Display Gardens

The Cross-Border Community Nursery project has established eight native plant display gardens across the South East of South Australia and South West of Victoria.  This project has been funded by the Australian Government and focusses on working with local communities and the nursery industry to increase the diversity of native plant species available for revegetation or gardens.

We have partnered with local community groups, councils and shires, and schools to help foster a sense of ownership of the gardens, where the current and future generations can take a sense of pride in their display garden, their local environment and the plants native to their area.

In your local display garden you will see both common and rare species local – or ‘indigenous’ – to your specific region or area. Interpretive signage on site will help you to identify some of the plants, and you can click on the links below to learn more about your local Native Plant Display Garden.

  1. Portland Native Plant Display Garden
  2. Ozone Walk Vertical Garden (Warrnambool)
  3. Swan Reserve Biodiversity Bed (Warrnambool)
  4. Beachport Coastal Display Garden
  5. South East Regional Display Garden (Mount Gambier)
  6. North Parklands Native Plant Display Garden (Naracoorte)
  7. Valley Lake Conservation Park Ecosystems Display (Mount Gambier)
  8. Port Fairy Native Plant Display Garden

As you wander through your local display garden you can see that many of our native plants are beautiful, interesting, and would make the perfect addition to your own home garden. Including native plants in your garden has many benefits, such as providing habitat for wildlife, providing food for beneficial insects, increasing local biodiversity, and decreasing weed spread potential.

If you are located in western Victoria the Glenelg Hopkins CMA has put together a list of native plant nurseries available here.

Below are the links to a number of local native plant suppliers in the South East of South Australia where you will find many of the species from our display gardens.

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