International Day of Women and Girls in Science 2020

The 11th February 2020 was the United Nation’s International Day of Women and Girls in Science’ – a day that promotes gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls, and is part of a resolution to achieve full and equal access to and participation in science for women and girls.

Why is this important? A previous post focusing on this important international day by NGT’s Rose sets a tone for this reflection very well. Just as important in question is … how do we encourage and support women and girls to participate more in science?

Below are some words from NGT’s Tess Roberts which really provide insight into some of the barriers to but also inspiration for being a woman in science (Thank-you Tess!):

‘It took me a while to find my calling. I went back to university to study Environmental Science after following a graphic design path for seven years after highschool. I was initially drawn to the field through a love for nature and a desire to do something to help it.

As a recent graduate I was in awe of NGT’s achievements and practical approach. Now I am constantly inspired by the smart and driven women I work with and encounter in the field of ecology every day. As a woman in science and more recently a mother I have a new-found and deeper respect and awe for these women. I understand the reality of having so many balls in play. Sometimes it feels like both nature and society are against you. But working for an organisation like NGT, having the respect and trust of colleagues and having so many great role models, is a really good feeling’.

Below are some snapshots to acknowledge NGT’s female team members and to celebrate women in science …

Clockwise from top left: Lu-Wei, Sheryl, Jess, Nicole, Sylvia, Lauren B.

Clockwise from top left: Lauren K, Rose, Tess, Jodie, Toni


















Lauren Kivisalu